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NITIN “I opted for the competitive programming course at GURUKUL institute and I am very happy with the results! My understanding of concepts has increased and so has my logical thinking ability Aug. 25, 2015


NAVIN “I would like to give special thanks to GURUKUL institute for providing me proper guidance in my studies and moral education which will be helpful to me in my future. Aug. 25, 2015


BHUMIKA “Thanks the entire faculty of The Gurukul Practice Center specially RAVI SIR for for having confidence and belief in me Aug. 25, 2015


SHIVANGI “I owe my board results to The Gurukul Practice Center . In the last two months of my board preparation changed my way of studying physics because of RAVI SIR Aug. 25, 2015

Navin kumar

Navin kumar THE GURUKUL PRATICE CENTRE provided me everything for I was looking for the IIT-JEE Preparation. I was imparted very effective and systematic teaching Jul. 25, 2015


SOMITRA PANDAY I joined GURUKUL PRACTICE CENTRE for IIT-JEE preparation. I got quality teaching from the competent professors. They knew how to groom a student like me for IIT-JEE Entrance Jul. 25, 2015

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