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Foundation Courses - HSC / SSC


It is common in India to start with Foundation program in class IX/X or earlier. There is a quantum jump in the level of difficulty of subjects for students in class XI as compared to Class IX/X. These students in any case have to struggle to cope up with huge class XI syllabi, on top of it the entrance exam preparation makes the job much more daunting. Therefore, it is beneficial that a student develops a strong foundation in Science and Maths etc. right from Class VII and further.


  •  Builds the right attitude towards studies, develops academic confidence, and enhances their IQ and analytical abilities from an early stage.
  •  Comprehensive coverage of Science and Maths subjects: Develops strong conceptual clarity on fundamental concepts of Maths & Science useful for examinations.
  •  Students joining this program will have more time to clear their fundamentals and practice extensively that will build a strong foundation for Class XI and XII.


Physics being the most important and common subject for medical and engineering entrance examinations, is something to be taken care of, specially. In actual practice, physics is found to be less likely to be liked by the students due to conceptual and numerical problems. Many students face difficulty in physics. But basically, physics is one of the most interesting subject to learn and it is not difficult at all.

  • Teaching Physics in an interesting manner so that concepts get cleared
  • Making Physics foundation stronger for competitive exams’ preparation.
  • Solving problem in physics for better understanding and in depth knowledge.
  • Making physics easier to approach.
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