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QUICK TIPS for XII SSC Biology Preparation

With the upcoming XII board exams, there is an equal pressure and confusion that piles up in the minds

of students. Considering that XII board exams are the most important path setters for all students, The

Gurukul Practice centre has enunciated the student guidance zone. We hereby will provide all the

students with complete assistance for XII board exam preparation. So, here is a list of important topics

that SSC board students should prepare thoroughly for scoring excellent marks in biology exams. With

all good wishes for excellent exams, we also assure you complete assistance in future. All the best!

1 Explain the development of male gametophytes of angiosperms

2 Give the application of genetic engineering

3 Impact of population explosion on food supply

4 Give the function of brain

5 Write a note on antigen – antibody complex

6 Explain the function of urine formation

7 Cross and self pollination (distinguish)

8 Explain blue green algae as bio-fertilizer

9 Menstrual cycle

10 Sperm diagram

11 RNA and DNA (distinguish)

12 Vegetative propagation in angiosperms

13 Aerobic and Anaerobic respiration

14 Sketch and label male gametophyte in angiosperms

15 Explain C3 pathway. How is it differ from C4 pathway

16 Ovary diagram

17 Cerebrum in detail

18 Explain ethics and Bio-piracy

19 Describe methodology to tissue culture

20 Plasmolysis

21 Suggest measure for the protection of endangered species

22 Replication

23 HSK pathway

24 Structure of nephron

25 Morphology of thyroid gland

26 T.S of human testis

27 Describe the process of human fertilisation

28 Describe the source of oxygen in photosynthesis

29 Describe the methods of conservation of energy

30 Describe the steps involved in recombinant DNA technology

31 Note on carcinogenic agent

32 Sketch and label the structure of antibody

33 Describe the ventral view of heart

34 Symptoms of typhoid

35 Distinguish between artery and vein

36 Uses of E.C.G

37 Disorder caused by under-secretion of thyroid

38 Give the schematic representation of non-cyclic photo phosphorylation .

39 Explain the effects of deforestation

40 Why is it necessary to conserve endangered species

41 How kidney functions are regulated? Add a note on kidney transplantation.

42 Describe Waston and cricks model of DNA.

43 Define tissue culture. Describe production of disease – free plants and secondary metabolites.

44 Write a short note on crown grafting

45 Explain the ultra-structure of mitochondria.

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