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Best App for medical students

Technology has been changing the learning experience in recent times, in fact, due to technology and modern
learning objects, students in present generation are not feeling any difference between the learning and
playing. Unlike earlier days, students are now very clear about ‘why education’ and also it helps in studying
more than two areas (Ex: Science and History) simultaneously in one academic year.
The classrooms are more digitalized to visualize the learnings and home works are transformed to project
works. After an evolution in education technology, many applications were developed to offer flexible
education. Anyone can start their learnings at any age and from any location.
Below applications are the best resources that helps you in learning and improving time management.

Medical Dictionary

Medical dictionary app gives you instant access to alot of medical terms, with audio pronunciations, and images, all from authoritative sources.

No matter whether you are a practicing physician, nurse, medical student or just a curious being, this medical dictionary app can help you find clear, in-depth definitions of medical terminology right on your Phone or Tab. Search from across multiple disciplines - This medical dictionary app compiles more than a dozen medical dictionary and encyclopaedia sources

KartikBhuiyarsaid “very easy and very useful app. in many nursing books

I have noticed that they were written by the assumption that you already know the definition of something and in medical which is huge it was not always necessary that you know everything. when you don't know something and the book you are searching don't have either then you have to search another book but this app had already solvedme that problem.”

Download:Android /iOs

India Drug Index

India Drug Index is an all-inclusive information resource on drugs approved for use in India. This app extensively covers drug entries, including the newly FDA-approved small molecules and generic brands marketed and prescribed all over India. This app is easy to use quick drug reference. Its free drug database provides complete information about the drugs and its pricing.

You can search for drug molecules for the complete prescribing and pricing information in detail. It has the latest pricing and company information listed side by side. This app helps you find alternative or brand substitutes. The drug database has a "full offline” option. You can choose to download the entire library offline for easy access.

Brandon Andrews says"This app is useful for people who don't have the money for textbooks, or who have forgotten their textbook in medical school. It tells you everything you need to know about a particular medicine and its dosages that are required. I know it helped me when I was going through EMT school and we were learning about medicine, I completely recommend it!"


Daily Rounds

It is a one of a kind apps for medical students. This tool with its user-friendly interface allows you to experience real life based clinical scenarios on your device. It challenges you with MCQ questions as you solve each. It has clinicalcases for all medical &board examinations. It’s Clinical case-based learning will give you a unique learning experience. Clinical cases and imagechallenges are updated regularly in this app. ECG tutorials, X Ray Slides, Radiology cases every

week. It has Calculators for vital parameters to drug dosage and comprehensive ECG databases which can be accessed offline.Journals are regularlyupdated.

Sachin K B gave feedback “Best ever app for the medical fraternity, especially medicos, trainees and doctors of various specialities. Highly recommended. But I'm unable to upload my graduation certificate to verify my profile. The app shows 'you seem to be offline' notification every time I try to upload. Please rectify this issue. Also, I'm unable to post any cases.”

Download:Android / ioS


Medscape is one of thedestinations for physicians and healthcare professionals worldwide, it offers the latest medical news and expert perspectives; point-of-care drug and disease information; and relevant professional education and CME/CE. It provides a personalized experience so that you can easily access what you need, when you need it. It has latest news available across all specialties, covering FDA announcements, conference news, thought leader perspectives,expertjournal articles and interpretation. You can get all drug dosing information in seconds,check drug interactions&access medical calculators. You cancomplete accredited CME/CE courses for professional development and to fulfil licensure requirements through this app. It also has offline feature which is useful to access drugs, condition, and procedure reference, plus drug interaction without an internet connection when you download it offline.

Hwangjunhui said “I've been using this application for more than 5 years already. It was back when I was still a student and now a licensed professional. very great, useful and informative application in all aspect. To me, it's still the best app to use for health care workers. Great job! I'm just curious on how can I get CEU from this. Thanks! Keep it up!”

Download:Android / ioS


St John Ambulance First Aid

St John Ambulance is determined that no one should die due to lack of first aid when they needed it most.The latest advice, protocols for dealing with emergency situations, easy to follow Illustrated guides and voiced instructions are included in this app.

The app does not replace the benefits of first aid learning on a St John Ambulance course, nor is it as thorough as a full manual of first aid. But when an emergency occurs, it will help you to know what to do in those few crucial moments where basic first aid knowledge can make a difference.

Kevin Duncan says "The app is great as it helps save lives in many ways. Medical students are able to learn new ways of handling emergency situations. However, I fell that the app could be availed to everyone so that one can use it whenever there is need."



Prognosis helps you strengthen your ability to easily diagnose and manage key clinical presentations, access relevant facts, and brief explanations for the management rationale and underlying diagnosis 
Prognosis is designed for doctors, medical students, nursing professionals and other healthcare practitioners who adore medicine and want to make an impact as decision-makers of world-class. After all, practice makes perfect; and practice can be fun!

Its catalog offers a wide range of medical specialtiescases and spans. Each case is also accompanied by a concise yet in-depth discussion of the diagnostic reasoning, as well as and key learning points for you to take home. 

Prognosis cases are based on the actual clinical experiences of physicians across various specialties. Enrico Miguel Requilman gave feedback “As a medical student, this is a very good up for studying various cases, especially in terms of choosing the right diagnostic modalities, ancillary tests, and subsequent management. My only complaint is that it lacks some disease entities such as tonsillopharyngitis, pelvic organ prolapses etc. I hope more cases are added in the future.”

Download:Android /ioS

Human Anatomy

For healthcare professionals, students, and professors, this software is a 3D anatomy reference app.Which allows you to rotate 360°, Zoom and move camera around a highly realistic 3D model. The app includes comprehensive 3D anatomy models for males and females, Human Anatomy provides users with an in-depth look at the human body that allows them to select, view, hide and display individual human anatomy system or organs, draw or white on screen and share screenshots, Audio pronunciation for all anatomical terms and more.User can select each body part separately to view name of the part or read related information. this app can be great help for medical students and professors or to anyone who needs to explore Human anatomy in detail with high quality graphic and features of the app.

Dhruvam Babaria said “Fabulous app for students to study anatomy. What can I say about it? It's just best app for anatomy and more importantly it is free. Wow. Thanks to the developer and their team who made this app for us and gave it for free. Thank you once again”


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