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About Us

Education is one strength which ones comes, stays forever with you and the only feature it has is growing on sharing.

With this aim of sharing, growing and enriching education, The Gurukul Practice Center has set its roots in providing best in class education with a correct mix of dedication, efforts, direction, approach and attitude. Our passion for educating the future generations is not only based on a provision of best material, quality teaching, dedicated teaching staff and efficient testing modules but its horizon stretches to setting of career goals for students, proving moral support and constant motivation, monitoring and guidance at all crucial points of decision making and setting the right thinking process and attitude for students in order to handle all situations in life.


Today, The Gurukul Practice Center is the most trusted institution for foundations, engineering and medical entrance examinations. The institute is promoted by eminent IIT and other Top Ranked Institutes’Alumni, who saw the need for quality coaching required by Indians to crack the cut throat competition. Our students from grades 7 to 12 include Toppers of most Schools, Junior Scientist Award Winners, CBSE Exam Toppers, Head Boys and Head Girls, and Hundreds of other Students, with one common GOAL- ‘To make it into the Top Engineering and Medical Colleges of India.’


Our team has the track record of sending the highest number of students into IITs, highest success rate for sending students to NITs and state-wise regional colleges. Recently we have been awarded by Govt. Of India for big contribution in education sector and helping under privileged students in achieving their aim to be in IITs and NITs. We have done equally good in board and junior level competition exams like KVPY, HOMIBHABHA, NTSE, IMO, RMO and other OLYMPIADS. We have produced a remarkable no. of successful students in last nine years.


Our biggest achievement is to be a well-known institute in INDIA for giving very high percentage of successful students. We have been able to produce significant improvements in grades for our average and weak students. We strongly believe that every child can learn, provided he/she gets the right environment for learning.


Our Programs use a staggered approach to prepare students for all important examinations in these years.

Gurukul Perfection Studies

 De-jargonized Teaching: Our teaching technique involves making concepts look simple.
 Constant Repetition: Every lecture is repeated at least once and senior subject experts conduct topic wise revision classes.
 Approachable Mentors: Our Faculties are always available for doubt-clearing, problem-solving and counselling.
 Weekly Tests: Weekly tests ensure that you remain totally in sync with class activities.
 Report Card: Regular comparative analysis of your performance.
In-depth Understanding: Each topic is introduced in depth and width as it deserves with respect to its scope in CBSE and Entrance Exams.
 Easy Pace: A perfect mix of topics according to their difficulty level, so that you never end up doing two difficult topics at the same time.
 Best Teachers: Every student gets the attention of subject specialists from across India.
 Testing and Self–Assessment: More than 5000 sets of questions on various topics and at different levels of difficulty to be solved within a specified timeframe.
 Reverse Teaching Methodology: Where all the students get an exposure to be a teacher and explain the chapters to the class the way they have understood it the best.
 Gamification: Where the complex chapters are explained in puzzles and gaming way to make it simple for our students to understand them.

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