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Medical Coaching Classes


There is a change in the level of difficulty from Class X to Class XI. It is important to understand that more than 50% of the
questions asked in various Engineering and Medical Entrance Examinations are from Class XI syllabus. In our experience,
students who start intensive coaching from class XI itself are much better prepared to perform well at entrance examinations.

  • Building a strong base in class XI prepares you for high performance in these two years.
  • Gives you more time to adapt to the quantum jump in the level of difficulty with better ease as there is more time for understanding and consolidation, spread over a large academic plan.
  • Right mix of classes, problem solving and doubt clearing sessions.
  • Lots of Tests, Assignments and Quizzes.
  • The academics are planned in such a way that will leave you with enough time for self- revision, improvement of examination confidence and removal of last minute doubts.
  • Personalised batch for class XI to give 1 TO 1 attention to our students.


The one year Advanced Engineering/Medical course prepares you for all the important Entrance Exams and puts you in the same league as achievers. The course begins with covering the syllabus thoroughly. Once the syllabus is completed by October/ November, the concepts related to previous year are revised thoroughly with the help of rigorous doubt clearing sessions, numerous classroom tests and very useful study material.

  • Prepares you for all important examinations.
  • Exhaustive study material.
  • Combination of classes, doubt-clearing sessions, assignments, tests and quizzes.
  • Extensive subjective tests to prepare for class XII Board Exams. This helps students in learning very useful presentation, revision and examination skills, in addition to strong conceptual learning in their subjects.


Physics being the most important and common subject for medical and engineering entrance examinations, is something to be taken care of, specially. In actual practice, physics is found to be less likely to be liked by the students due to conceptual and numerical problems. Many students face difficulty in physics. But basically, physics is one of the most interesting subject to learn and it is not difficult at all.

  • Teaching Physics in an interesting manner so that concepts get cleared
  • Making Physics foundation stronger for competitive exams’ preparation.
  • Solving problem in physics for better understanding and in depth knowledge.
  • Making physics easier to approach.
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